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This New Website Is A Perfect Fit!

I am so pleased to announce the launch of our newly renovated Perfect Fit Weddings website! Thank you to my beautiful daughter for all her hard work, and to all of my wonderful friends an customers who have shown their support over the years!

I hope you will find the new site inspiring and easier than ever to use! While there have been some technical improvements to the checkout and order tracking systems, I am probably most excited about the addition of this hopefully-fabulous new blog!

Over the years clients have shared with me so many special stories about their own relationships; describing how they and their sweethearts have always considered themselves to be a “Perfect Fit”. It is my hope that, with their permission of course, this blog will provide me with a platform, through which, I share some of their inspirational engagement stories and beautiful wedding photographs with the rest of you!

If you are a new bride or bride to be, and would like to share a part of your story, or photos from your wedding please feel free to leave a comment or contact me!

Love to all and thank you for your support!